More Self & Love

It must look effortless to some, and one big mess to others. This dream must sound as crazy as I come across sometimes. I did it all to show my fellow youth, my fellow artists, my fellow Bahamians and all else alike; my fellow women - if I can so can you! I failed uni, … Continue reading More Self & Love

What my dream taught me… 

When Rick Ross said, Closed mouths don't get fed, On THIS boulevard I wasn't aware that he spoke, Of the very same narrow path that lead, To the fountain of milk, gold and honey - That is my way to being an icon for my people./   On and on, oh- On and on, Erykah … Continue reading What my dream taught me… 

For you alone…

Change mind Change stride Change you For you alone.

s h a m e s t o r m

And this is why I don't let people in I can let myself down - I can deal with my own hot and cold - On my own between myself and I ... To let others into this madness I cannot. I've lied enough to myself That being so honest And so open for so … Continue reading s h a m e s t o r m

m e g a p h o n e

I wanted to close my mouth Pour it into my passion And reach you stronger Than my spoken word could The action of writing, rehearsing, performing Back to you As my mega phone to heart...   i  l o v e  y o u What more could there be to say so simple Yet so … Continue reading m e g a p h o n e

m i l l i o n a i r e

And then he said 'No!' With such surety, Such justification in his voice. He loves me so he settled for it...   I guess- Thank God He loves me, Cause my man definitely Ain't only here for my 'dont-it-feel-like-a-million-dollars-when-you're-in-there' p u s s y ...   and then, so 'matter-of-fact'ly, he said 'No!'

o n e

You were the first For this, at least, And I forgot the rules So many shows and convos had On the very same ... And I forgot the rules Don't linger Don't linger Don't linger and I did.

Music… how does it feel?

'I want to make love to my soulmate...' Akua Naru Blares these truths loud for me My desires Laid bare As I share My deepest desires To you in the form of another's Worded vision That so beautifully encapsulates All I desire.   Alliteration. As I emphasize The truth Butterfly wings In exchange for long … Continue reading Music… how does it feel?


Doesn't it feel good To know someone likes you? Wants to the make the conscious, Attentive, Interest in your well being? Keen to learn your ideals, And way of living. Beyond just skin deep Remedies for temporary romance. Doesn't it feel good To be cherished Accepted Respected For all that you've brought to table naturally. … Continue reading Well…