All i did.

Screaming. Shrieking. Frantically running to and fro   No one heard No one suspected a thing Except those who weren't immediately in front of me.   The habits all the same symptoms I hold on for the journey.   HELP! No one could. Who can save you from yourself other than the I am? How … Continue reading All i did.

What my dream taught me… 

When Rick Ross said, Closed mouths don't get fed, On THIS boulevard I wasn't aware that he spoke, Of the very same narrow path that lead, To the fountain of milk, gold and honey - That is my way to being an icon for my people./   On and on, oh- On and on, Erykah … Continue reading What my dream taught me… 

Music… how does it feel?

'I want to make love to my soulmate...' Akua Naru Blares these truths loud for me My desires Laid bare As I share My deepest desires To you in the form of another's Worded vision That so beautifully encapsulates All I desire.   Alliteration. As I emphasize The truth Butterfly wings In exchange for long … Continue reading Music… how does it feel?


Doesn't it feel good To know someone likes you? Wants to the make the conscious, Attentive, Interest in your well being? Keen to learn your ideals, And way of living. Beyond just skin deep Remedies for temporary romance. Doesn't it feel good To be cherished Accepted Respected For all that you've brought to table naturally. … Continue reading Well…

m o o n l i t c h i l d r e n

No one's falling in love. Just falling into beds Heads seek heads And thoughts seek sobriety   There is a loyalty of sorts Storytellers galore.. It's all folklore no one can face the light in the morning   Yesterday's clothes Stained with this mornings decisions Blurred Very vibrant the residue of the heavy feeling before … Continue reading m o o n l i t c h i l d r e n

h o m e s i c k n e s s

It's almost Habit To run far away   When shit gets tough.   I suddenly long for the very beaches I chose to drift away from. In search of anything but 'home'.   I scream and cry into a pillow that holds more secrets than the walls it inhabits. I dare to will myself into … Continue reading h o m e s i c k n e s s

c u r i o u s

I didn't just ask Just to Incept an idea, Just purely curious...   Amazing how quickly Bodies become my muses...   Worthy of two or five minutes of my time.   I write to resolve as if these feelings are problems and to hit and glide my pen, pencil emotion ink to paper is the … Continue reading c u r i o u s

JULY – What a BUSY month!

MY  J U L Y  EVENTS: July 14th 2016 - Chelsea Blues Loves Company July 16th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Portobello Green Fest (IMG C.S.) July 30th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Crank Up The Vibes Click the link to the event page on FB with more deets my wonderful #BlueDots DSArts Events Chelsea … Continue reading JULY – What a BUSY month!

AW16 & Bacon Freestyle!

Dear Beloved BlueDots! You amazing fans of mine, my Bacon Freestyle that I performed at Willique AW16 - thanks to the suggestion of bespoke handbag designer herself, Anya Willique - has become the soundtrack for the re-cap of the amazing fashion event! For everyone who missed this fabulous event, I've included the link to Willique … Continue reading AW16 & Bacon Freestyle!

Chelsea Blues …Loves Company

Join me on Thursday, June 9th 2016 at ...Loves Company in Old Street for an evening of: J A Z Z | S O U L| F U N K | B L U E S And of course: S P O K E N  W O R D FREE ENTRY! Starts at 7pm and … Continue reading Chelsea Blues …Loves Company