All i did.

Screaming. Shrieking. Frantically running to and fro   No one heard No one suspected a thing Except those who weren't immediately in front of me.   The habits all the same symptoms I hold on for the journey.   HELP! No one could. Who can save you from yourself other than the I am? How … Continue reading All i did.

If I am honest with myself…

I didn't push music cause I was scared Cause life had dealt me so many shitty cards I had been on the brink of giving up. I didn't know what I'd do with my life if it weren't for music. The passion it brings me I want to forget everything except it when I'm in … Continue reading If I am honest with myself…

I . n s p i r e y o u

Let me inspire you... May my lips trail your cerebral cortex Leaving trails of light energy Passing forth the truth and the unconditional love That exists from the unity force within... Let me inspire you To inspire me Continue to make the music that transcends our beings When our bodies meet in this time and … Continue reading I . n s p i r e y o u

For you alone…

Change mind Change stride Change you For you alone.

Music… how does it feel?

'I want to make love to my soulmate...' Akua Naru Blares these truths loud for me My desires Laid bare As I share My deepest desires To you in the form of another's Worded vision That so beautifully encapsulates All I desire.   Alliteration. As I emphasize The truth Butterfly wings In exchange for long … Continue reading Music… how does it feel?


Doesn't it feel good To know someone likes you? Wants to the make the conscious, Attentive, Interest in your well being? Keen to learn your ideals, And way of living. Beyond just skin deep Remedies for temporary romance. Doesn't it feel good To be cherished Accepted Respected For all that you've brought to table naturally. … Continue reading Well…

Battered In It

Please forgive my laughs and giggles, I am not trying to take the piss. I don't apologise for my being easily amused - I do hope you don't take it offensively   my energy is bubbly in your presence and I like water cannot hide the ripples that effect when disturbed   I am one … Continue reading Battered In It

s p i c e. o f. l i f e  

Who is this looking through the eyes That belong to this mass of matter Viewing through this point of view? Who is beholding Who has the beauty When does it differ Why is the spice variety? Surely like a skilled chef; There are many ingredients That are blessed into the dish each different but the … Continue reading s p i c e. o f. l i f e  

s t a r e s

So, what's the purpose of staring If you never intend to act upon The many realms of thought You've included me into?   How can your fantasies be played out; Come to fruition; If you never never say a word; Secretly slip your number on a paper and hand it to me before I walk … Continue reading s t a r e s

h o p e s

My heart sank As you raised my body , Each passionate kiss, And tidal wave Surging through. My heart sank even more. I knew this was going to happen And I ain't no fool I refuse to chase after anyone Anymore Un - fortunately, this includes you. I am already on a lifelong  chase, And … Continue reading h o p e s