I . n s p i r e y o u

Let me inspire you... May my lips trail your cerebral cortex Leaving trails of light energy Passing forth the truth and the unconditional love That exists from the unity force within... Let me inspire you To inspire me Continue to make the music that transcends our beings When our bodies meet in this time and … Continue reading I . n s p i r e y o u

For you alone…

Change mind Change stride Change you For you alone.


Doesn't it feel good To know someone likes you? Wants to the make the conscious, Attentive, Interest in your well being? Keen to learn your ideals, And way of living. Beyond just skin deep Remedies for temporary romance. Doesn't it feel good To be cherished Accepted Respected For all that you've brought to table naturally. … Continue reading Well…

h o p e s

My heart sank As you raised my body , Each passionate kiss, And tidal wave Surging through. My heart sank even more. I knew this was going to happen And I ain't no fool I refuse to chase after anyone Anymore Un - fortunately, this includes you. I am already on a lifelong  chase, And … Continue reading h o p e s

p e t t y h o p e

no matter how, y o u. you are some people, you hope they like it.   without trying to impress, without forcing a single step, you secretly hope they take you on as is.   it works, a while, maybe no one will take on all of you there's bound to be parts they aren't … Continue reading p e t t y h o p e

m o o n l i t c h i l d r e n

No one's falling in love. Just falling into beds Heads seek heads And thoughts seek sobriety   There is a loyalty of sorts Storytellers galore.. It's all folklore no one can face the light in the morning   Yesterday's clothes Stained with this mornings decisions Blurred Very vibrant the residue of the heavy feeling before … Continue reading m o o n l i t c h i l d r e n

. . . 

I'm in love with the idea Of you being greater Being more than Being enough Fair deuce You owe me nothing Doesn't feel good to have energy ripped From you In silence Without warning Without care Left to pick up the pieces I never intended to share But did And had them dropped Like a … Continue reading . . . 

c o n t r a d i c t i o n

And since I can't have you The way I wanted to Even though I didn't want to Or I didn't think I could I will write about you.   I will continue to write about you Until the vision I had comes true. Or until I turn blue Lost in the arms of someone else … Continue reading c o n t r a d i c t i o n

p u p p e t

Dear Puppeteers, I am taking my mutha - fuking Strings back.   Your game are yours to play My soul is not a toy My body does not mean more than profit to you And I kinda feel the bruises from the Chain made of string Becoming to much.   I've sang and danced No … Continue reading p u p p e t

o u r  s o n g

Hey JudeRemember to let her into your heart  Arms wrapped  Hips meet and greet  Hey Jude  Remember to let her get under your skin  Kisses and play bites  The intention  Is carnal The vibe  Feels right, Right now  Song ends  Conversation continues  Hey Jude  Reverbs  Replays  Re-inhabits  Places that are otherwise  In other times  Far … Continue reading o u r  s o n g