I . n s p i r e y o u

Let me inspire you... May my lips trail your cerebral cortex Leaving trails of light energy Passing forth the truth and the unconditional love That exists from the unity force within... Let me inspire you To inspire me Continue to make the music that transcends our beings When our bodies meet in this time and … Continue reading I . n s p i r e y o u

c o n t r a d i c t i o n

And since I can't have you The way I wanted to Even though I didn't want to Or I didn't think I could I will write about you.   I will continue to write about you Until the vision I had comes true. Or until I turn blue Lost in the arms of someone else … Continue reading c o n t r a d i c t i o n

JULY – What a BUSY month!

MY  J U L Y  EVENTS: July 14th 2016 - Chelsea Blues Loves Company July 16th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Portobello Green Fest (IMG C.S.) July 30th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Crank Up The Vibes Click the link to the event page on FB with more deets my wonderful #BlueDots DSArts Events Chelsea … Continue reading JULY – What a BUSY month!

Chelsea Blues …Loves Company

Join me on Thursday, June 9th 2016 at ...Loves Company in Old Street for an evening of: J A Z Z | S O U L| F U N K | B L U E S And of course: S P O K E N  W O R D FREE ENTRY! Starts at 7pm and … Continue reading Chelsea Blues …Loves Company

Wanting Out

I should want to be conservative People watch me Its my fault people are looking Being myself is what causes me pain I care too little about what others think I should care more for I must give respect to people who don't deserve it from me Our relationship is only validated by other's views … Continue reading Wanting Out

o p e n [ p g 1 3]

When you said, You wanted me to be open, Did you mean, Just on your bed with legs wide Spread Eagle in your bed? Open,   Like the web page you made but never finished.... Just sits there unlooked at... Or did you mean like, open in telling you the honest-to-goddess truth? Open like heart-to-heart, … Continue reading o p e n [ p g 1 3]