I . n s p i r e y o u

Let me inspire you... May my lips trail your cerebral cortex Leaving trails of light energy Passing forth the truth and the unconditional love That exists from the unity force within... Let me inspire you To inspire me Continue to make the music that transcends our beings When our bodies meet in this time and … Continue reading I . n s p i r e y o u

Music… how does it feel?

'I want to make love to my soulmate...' Akua Naru Blares these truths loud for me My desires Laid bare As I share My deepest desires To you in the form of another's Worded vision That so beautifully encapsulates All I desire.   Alliteration. As I emphasize The truth Butterfly wings In exchange for long … Continue reading Music… how does it feel?


Doesn't it feel good To know someone likes you? Wants to the make the conscious, Attentive, Interest in your well being? Keen to learn your ideals, And way of living. Beyond just skin deep Remedies for temporary romance. Doesn't it feel good To be cherished Accepted Respected For all that you've brought to table naturally. … Continue reading Well…

h o p e s

My heart sank As you raised my body , Each passionate kiss, And tidal wave Surging through. My heart sank even more. I knew this was going to happen And I ain't no fool I refuse to chase after anyone Anymore Un - fortunately, this includes you. I am already on a lifelong  chase, And … Continue reading h o p e s

o u r  s o n g

Hey JudeRemember to let her into your heart  Arms wrapped  Hips meet and greet  Hey Jude  Remember to let her get under your skin  Kisses and play bites  The intention  Is carnal The vibe  Feels right, Right now  Song ends  Conversation continues  Hey Jude  Reverbs  Replays  Re-inhabits  Places that are otherwise  In other times  Far … Continue reading o u r  s o n g

c u r i o u s

I didn't just ask Just to Incept an idea, Just purely curious...   Amazing how quickly Bodies become my muses...   Worthy of two or five minutes of my time.   I write to resolve as if these feelings are problems and to hit and glide my pen, pencil emotion ink to paper is the … Continue reading c u r i o u s

I Wrote

You can officially say, That I wrote about you That for all of, three minutes, You were my muse, But yes, I wrote about you. I write about all of my lovers, My friends, my deeds, my non-deeds, my life: this all to say... it's not you - it's me. So i wrote about me, … Continue reading I Wrote

AW16 & Bacon Freestyle!

Dear Beloved BlueDots! You amazing fans of mine, my Bacon Freestyle that I performed at Willique AW16 - thanks to the suggestion of bespoke handbag designer herself, Anya Willique - has become the soundtrack for the re-cap of the amazing fashion event! For everyone who missed this fabulous event, I've included the link to Willique … Continue reading AW16 & Bacon Freestyle!

Chelsea Blues …Loves Company

Join me on Thursday, June 9th 2016 at ...Loves Company in Old Street for an evening of: J A Z Z | S O U L| F U N K | B L U E S And of course: S P O K E N  W O R D FREE ENTRY! Starts at 7pm and … Continue reading Chelsea Blues …Loves Company

c o r a z ó n

There he is. Simplicity at his finest. The award winning smile. The humble man of his honor. I just wanted to dive into that ocean and never return up for breath.   I didn't even notice until I got home. How sneaky are you to have stolen it from under my nose. And it'd just … Continue reading c o r a z ó n