For you alone…

Change mind Change stride Change you For you alone.

The Longest Night

The fog walks through the pathways Between buildings Covers the object in a vignette Creating soft lines from the once hard.   The lines of people's faces became softer - fleshier - Real, surreally. The clock seems to move In steady motionless inches.   Cherry blossoms wake up the red brick. Visionary colours. Hard to … Continue reading The Longest Night

s p i c e. o f. l i f e  

Who is this looking through the eyes That belong to this mass of matter Viewing through this point of view? Who is beholding Who has the beauty When does it differ Why is the spice variety? Surely like a skilled chef; There are many ingredients That are blessed into the dish each different but the … Continue reading s p i c e. o f. l i f e  

s t a r e s

So, what's the purpose of staring If you never intend to act upon The many realms of thought You've included me into?   How can your fantasies be played out; Come to fruition; If you never never say a word; Secretly slip your number on a paper and hand it to me before I walk … Continue reading s t a r e s

h o p e s

My heart sank As you raised my body , Each passionate kiss, And tidal wave Surging through. My heart sank even more. I knew this was going to happen And I ain't no fool I refuse to chase after anyone Anymore Un - fortunately, this includes you. I am already on a lifelong  chase, And … Continue reading h o p e s

p u p p e t

Dear Puppeteers, I am taking my mutha - fuking Strings back.   Your game are yours to play My soul is not a toy My body does not mean more than profit to you And I kinda feel the bruises from the Chain made of string Becoming to much.   I've sang and danced No … Continue reading p u p p e t

JULY – What a BUSY month!

MY  J U L Y  EVENTS: July 14th 2016 - Chelsea Blues Loves Company July 16th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Portobello Green Fest (IMG C.S.) July 30th 2016 - Chelsea Blues @ Crank Up The Vibes Click the link to the event page on FB with more deets my wonderful #BlueDots DSArts Events Chelsea … Continue reading JULY – What a BUSY month!