Dreams of Home

As I dream of Heat Sun baked sands Warm waters of aquamarine Doobies the size of Cuban cigars Banter Rum No chaser I walk through streets that have seen Subzero temperature My veins are frozen , My hands are never warm , My ears sting from the numb As I dream of Junkanoo Conch salad … Continue reading Dreams of Home

Caged by choice or otherwise…

A bird caged by choice Differs from that of one Born into captivity or Captured by force... Aims to spread wings Yet, Crumbs offered Flight cancelled - no, delayed Surely bird will fly again... surely bird will fly again What about love? What about companionship? What about it? What about freedom, And high flight miles? … Continue reading Caged by choice or otherwise…

More Self & Love

It must look effortless to some, and one big mess to others. This dream must sound as crazy as I come across sometimes. I did it all to show my fellow youth, my fellow artists, my fellow Bahamians and all else alike; my fellow women - if I can so can you! I failed uni, … Continue reading More Self & Love

s h a m e s t o r m

And this is why I don't let people in I can let myself down - I can deal with my own hot and cold - On my own between myself and I ... To let others into this madness I cannot. I've lied enough to myself That being so honest And so open for so … Continue reading s h a m e s t o r m

m e g a p h o n e

I wanted to close my mouth Pour it into my passion And reach you stronger Than my spoken word could The action of writing, rehearsing, performing Back to you As my mega phone to heart...   i  l o v e  y o u What more could there be to say so simple Yet so … Continue reading m e g a p h o n e

o n e

You were the first For this, at least, And I forgot the rules So many shows and convos had On the very same ... And I forgot the rules Don't linger Don't linger Don't linger and I did.

Alive Again!

It'd been months. Months, Since I'd really gone out And danced like that. Narcotic sober But Drunk off the vibrational waves of the music High on my very own movements in response to the tide Waves crash against my senses Waves of booming bass Waves of melodies enticing me to lose my inhibitions Whose watching? … Continue reading Alive Again!

Mind Love

I want you to - Mind Fuck Me. No - put my clothes back on. Not what I meant. I want you to strip Away My mental guard. I want you to tease my Cerebral Cortex, Open me up wide And make my amygdala pulsate within me To release the endorphins within From the words … Continue reading Mind Love

Goddess to Girl | [2014=7 Snippet]

Little strange girl You run around all day Daydreaming of successes You’d one day be too afraid To achieve Little Strange Girl You talk to the ocean and the sky In all their glory Outside your house on the Ridge. You speak to them In the language of fairies Writing your poetry in a book … Continue reading Goddess to Girl | [2014=7 Snippet]